How do men suit the match

2019-04-19 09:05:33 24

    Tie is suit of the standard. At the time of wearing a suit, is must match the tie. Tie is a kind of accessories, but if it is in some formal occasions, wear a suit, no tie, collocation looks will seem very frivolous, and a suit tie color choice is also very important. Only appropriate collocation can highlight the overall temperament.


    When selecting a tie, also need to pay attention to the length of the tie, generally after the tie, the length of the tie around the location of the waistband. Whether it is too long or too short, has certain influence on the overall effect. At the same time, in a tie, tie must sacks bulging at the seams. Don't leave gaps between tie and shirt collar, or may appear baggy, look too casual.

    As for the color of the tie, men can choose and suit jacket similar color, for example, if you choose the blue suit jacket, you can choose blue tie to match. This kind of collocation fastens with color won't wrong. Of course, if you want to wear a bit more revealing, also can choose other colors to match. Like wine red or blue is a very good choice.

    A suit with a more classic collocation, is a black suit, white shirt and black tie. This kind of collocation is also more common. Black and white collocation are together, very classic. But also appears very gentleman in style. Especially in some formal occasions is very suitable for this kind of collocation.

    Tie is suit with the whole soul, if men in suits don't match the tie, it may be a little more casual. Collocation tie to wear will appear more gentleman, at the same time also can make you look more formal.

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