Four details help you judge the quality of the suit

2019-04-19 09:04:48 17

    Now suit from everyone's life is becoming more and more inseparable, but suits the market and evil people mixed up suit, a good suit us exactly how to judge? Today want to share with you is four judge suit small details.


Section 1: the fabric texture

    Suit fabrics have many choices, such as vicuna cotton, wool, nylon and so on, all kinds of fabrics, how can we choose? At that point can be judged through the fabric texture, texture of fabric to the naked eye or touch, believe that everyone can see and feel it.

Detail 2: process

    Manual and machine is now a suit made of the mainstream, many private custom fang is all handmade. The stand or fall of a suit can be judged through the cuff button hole stitching, neat uniform suits will surely must be better than the edge of sloppy. But does not represent a manual must be good, because now the machine ability can also be done with the manual as well.

Detail three: shoulder

    Shoulder design and clipping can also reflect the stand or fall of a suit, a good suit to wear shoulder after is very smooth, high quality suits shoulder clipping is not easy to collapse, some ordinary suit shoulders clipping will appear after a suit with the shoulder from the phenomenon.

Details of 4: back

    After good suit to wear a suit is smooth on the back of the model. If there is no activity, a suit of many fold back, then choose such a suit is not recommended. The back of the fold will suit the overall feel of the eroded, wearing a cheap inferior feeling. The stand or fall of suit can be judged through the four details, but will these four details is not recommended as the only standard. Suit choice should consider many factors, so you can choose to better suit.

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