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圖片關鍵詞    The company is located in beihai industrial park, dalian bay street, ganjingzi district. The company has a fixed asset of over 40 million yuan and more than 200 employees, covering an area of 231 thousand square meters, with a building area of 15 thousand square meters and 10 modern production workshop assembly lines.

    After more than 30 years, the clothes have been passed down to three generations. Three generations of prosperity, inheritance of the spirit of craftsman from generation to generation. Ancestral handwork fine cultivation of women's national dress - - qipao, tailoring; The parents followed the old craftsmanship, making the shirts and high-end suits, and the unique hand-cut and hand-sewn techniques, which won the favor of many foreign luxury brands, and they came to sign many orders. The third generation of zhenyu people, inheriting the craftsmanship and spirit of the older generation, made great progress in clothing production and stepped into a new road -- advanced customization.

    Today, there are not only top skilled, experienced and respected masters of the past 30 years, but also young designers with technical training who are bold and new.

    Be true to traditional handicraft and let the wheel of time run over. Hand-cut, hand-sewn, hand-pleated The spirit of craftsmanship is the soul of the costume of zhenyu. No matter how gorgeous the cloth is stacked on itself, it cannot be dressed appropriately and elegantly. Young designers and crafters are more open-minded in thinking, absorbing the essence of high-end brands and mastering the latest fashion trends. In the product concept and design, with the spirit of fashion and innovation.

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