1.Plate-making and cutting  

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    High-quality products connect with modern integrated production, and truly achieve one-man one edition. Before high-density fabric production and cutting, fabric pre-shrinkage treatment is needed to avoid the shortage of fabric quality.

2. Production technology


    The drawing of the wool core can truly conform to the physical characteristics of people, and truly achieve comfortable and convenient after wearing. The seam position varies according to the variation of wool core.

3. After piece

圖片關鍵詞圖片關鍵詞    圖片關鍵詞

The drawing of the back sheet is a process that cannot be completed on the paper pattern, but we have a professional technical technique. By adjusting the temperature and time of the whole ironing, we control the forming of the back sheet and make it conform to the shape of human body.

4. The sleeves


    Sleeve gauge production process.

5. lapel


    The hand-stitching of the barge head achieves the perfect line after turning the collar.

6. The collar


The neckline of the grid fabric is parallel to the neckline.The gauge of the bottom collar makes the neckline correspond perfectly to the human neck.

7.Clothing lining


High-end production of S body shape: it is reflected in the delicate line beauty of double inner teeth (0.3cm wrapping teeth), equipped with the technique of hand sewing and knotting and the open line of hand sewing at the external end, which is more reflected in the high-end quality of clothes.

8.Hand sewing


    Traditional techniques, modern aesthetics, and the combination of fabric to achieve the highest quality.Details of each part can better reflect the importance of hand sewing suit. The craft of hand sewing is a symbol of success.



Pants plane and three-dimensional combination, more can reflect the effect of clothing.


    The formation of the middle line of pants pants, it is to need professional standard to pull out ability and skillful standard to pull out technique, only two photograph are united in wedlock, ability makes the pants that has line perfectly, give a person the shock of vision.



    The variety of shirt collars and sleeves gives consumers more selectivity and autonomy.The process of hand sewing of shirts has strict requirements for the details of each part. Strive for the most consummate technological treasures.

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